FAFOSports - Raptor Paddle - Origins Story

FAFOSports - Raptor Paddle - Origins Story

Elusive: Unlikely to find Raptor’s running wild in paddle racks at Senior Centers and Nursing Homes – The Raptor is for the bold, the daring, the RecPark Mayor, the DinkSlayer and those incredible N.V.Z. layers!

A Paddle Born of Iterative Evolution: Our team of engineers, took inspiration from real-world players—those everyday heroes who pickle for the thrill of the game. The Raptor Paddle is the result of meticulous design, iterative testing, and feedback from players who have been there, done that, and worn out quite a few paddles along the journey.

Picture This: The RecPark Mayor running the kitchen like a Michelin Chef, wielding the Raptor through the air like a blade into butter. The DinkSlayer executing moves so precise they make the 5.0's jealous. And the N.V.Z. layers? Well, let's just say they're letting Tennis players FIND OUT daily why more and more tennis courts are turning to non-volley zones across the country!

Technology That Roars: We won't bore you with the technical jargon. Rest assured the Raptor Paddle isn't just a fierce gritty face; it’s the intersection of precision engineering and design meets “that’s one helluva-of-paddle you got there!!”.

Where Raptors Roam: So, where can you find these Raptors in action? The Raptor is out there, conquering courts, challenging opponents, and turning every game into a highlight reel. It's the paddle for those who push for better, without sacrificing the love of the game - Be on the lookout and report recent sightings by posting and tagging @FAFOSportsCo on Instagram. Dink Responsibly 

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As an avid pickleball enthusiast teetering on the line of pickleball addict, I recently had the opportunity to test the FAFO Raptor paddle at a local demo day. First impressions of the Raptor, a sensation that my internal finesse dial had been turned up to maximum volume. To put this simply the Raptor could very well be the offspring of my two favorite paddles. What truly stood out with the Raptor was it’s exceptional touch and feel in my hands. I often experience painful tennis-elbow back from my tennis days, and I am rather finicky about my paddles. I was astonished by how comfortable the Raptor paddle was, along with how stable the paddle remained during shot deflections, and how it enhanced my abilities to control match tempo. Feel wise the Raptor delivered the perfect blend of speed, precision and touch unlike anything I had experienced prior. For brevity, it would be very wise to have a Raptor in your arsenal, in fact consider buying two since I have also learned that this will be a limited release. Bravo and all the best to the folks @FAFOSportsCo Glenn Skolnik

Glenn Skolnik

Very cool paddle!

Shana Erenberg

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